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Welcome to the Patient Portal

If you are a patient of one of our physician practices, you now have the ability to manage your care online. By enrolling in this service you’ll be able to do the following online:

  • Request medication refills

  • View lab and radiology test reports

  • Complete and update personal information

  • Have real-time access to your medical history

  • View date and times of upcoming appointments

  • Communicate with your physician and office staff

The patient portal should be used for non-emergent situations only. In emergent health situations you should contact your health provider or dial 9-1-1.

You will be prompted to fill out some basic personal information, as well as create a login name and password.  Enter your name and date of birth exactly as it appears on the form provided by your physician. You will be able to make changes to your personal information once your portal account has been activated. You will also need a personal activation code.

Please be as thorough as possible when filling out your personal information and medical history. This saves time and helps us to provide you the best medical care possible.


The Patient Portal offers many benefits like secure online messaging and refill requests. Watch this video about what the Portal can do by clicking here.

Still have questions? Download the Patient Portal FAQs or contact your physicians office.

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